Building the future of cryptocurrencies trading
We provide the quickest, simplest and most cost-effective way to exchange ERC20 tokens and provide liquidity.
What is BullSwap?
BullSwap is a fully decentralized exchange. It’s a 100% on-chain market making which allows swaps to occur between ERC20 tokens in a fully decentralized and secure way.
Token Info
About our Token Sale

BullSwap will raise an investment fund with a hard cap of $2,000,000 to build a next generation DeFi exchange.

A total of 50,000,000 BullSwap tokens will be sold during our token sales.

All unsold tokens from the private sale and the ILO rounds will be burned.

To know more information about our token sale, please join our social media channels.

10% Team and Founders
10% Exchange and Liquidity
25% Private Sale
30% Community
25% ILO
Total supply: 100,000,000 BVL
BullSwap Features and Advantages
No Registration

Registration takes to much time, some exchanges even ask for your identity which is known as KYC, simple trading from wallet to wallet via BullSwap is much easier and without having to do KYC.


We are fully decentralized with numerous servers in numerous places. It's harder to hack into a system with numerous servers spread out worldwide than a centralized system with one central server.

Distributed Ledger Technology

BullSwap is built on the block chain based on distributed ledger technology. All transactions are irreversible and transparent on the Ethereum block chain.

Instant Swap

The tokens that are traded on BullSwap will take place directly between user's wallets to the wallet where everyone will immediately receive the token without depositing money to our exchange.

Adding Liquidity

Anybody can add liquidity to BullSwap liquidity pool by using the [Add Liquidity] function and become a liquidity provider. Liquidity providers will get profit from BullSwap exchange fees

Fully Automated

No human actions, everything is automated. The smart contracts take care of all processes, the smart contracts are also completely open source. Decentralization at its finest!

Swap Protocol
Our swap system is a seamless wallet to wallet experience giving users ease of access to hundreds of markets straight out of their own wallets. Liquidity providers can benefit from adding to pools earning them a percentage of the fees, also new projects can use our governance voting to be able to get their token listed.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does BullSwap work?
What is the benefit of adding liquidity to BullSwap?
How do I get reward from BullSwap staking pool?
What is the purpose of BVL token?
Why MetaMask?
MetaMask is a Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera and Firefox extension for the browser which makes it easy for web applications to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain. In other words, MetaMask is a wallet for your browser.
To interact with our token sale and all our future applications, you need to install MetaMask. Watch the video to learn more about MetaMask.