The project was launched in the summer of 2020. At first, our site was aimed primarily at newcomers, fans of cryptocurrencies and financial investment. At that time, the target audience was a fairly narrow circle of users. We regularly published news from the world of finance, informative articles on cryptocurrency topics and many other materials.

Over time, we managed to expand the boundaries, becoming one of the leading portals at the moment. We have created the largest knowledge base on cryptocurrencies. Already now more than 100 different materials are available to our readers – from topical news to useful articles.

As of July 2021, our database includes:
Over 500 exchanges and almost 6,800 cryptocurrencies.

We are staffed by several specialists, all of whom work on creating content on a daily basis. The project manager is a crypto investor with a rich set of skills and years of experience in managing and promoting cryptocurrency projects. E-mail:

Since the launch of the project we have been sticking to one goal – to create a service built on the principles of fairness and objectivity, as well as meeting all the needs of the modern user. But it would be foolish to rest on our laurels. There are large-scale plans ahead of us, which are yet to be implemented.

We are always in need of new people who are prepared to work hard and achieve our goals.

Mission of

From the first days of, our team has been following the same principle – to make information about cryptocurrencies as honest and accessible as possible for all categories of readers. Day after day we work hard to create new content. We will always strive for exceptional results, so that the project meets all modern requirements.

Already now you can find publications in the following categories on our website:

About 2000 news on the topic of cryptocurrencies. This section contains all the latest news from the world of cryptoindustry.
More than 300 informative articles. This category publishes useful articles on the topic of cryptocurrencies, from current Airdrop’s to educational materials.

We follow the policy of quality content, that’s why all the materials presented on pages go through strict moderation process. Our team always keeps abreast of the latest events, trying to put the information promptly. User can not worry about the quality of our articles.

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